Aerin Adventus




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Berig Half-Heart



Aerin Adventus is an Cyrodiilic man who first appeared as a customer in the bar where Berig Half-Heart worked. He and Berig soon developed a friendship, and Aerin paid Berig's way into the guild. Aerin travelled on the Dishabille Mistress to the guild's island home, but was recalled to the mainland abruptly. He has recently returned, much to Berig's delight.


Aerin was born in Bruma, but at a young age his parents moved to Leyawiin for a year to comfort his mothers passing sister. After she died, his family moved back up to Bruma where he stayed untill his 16th birthday. When he turned 16 he left Bruma for a life of adventure. He visited Whiterun in Skyrim, where he stayed for a month untill his carriage came back for him. He then went south to the Imperial City untill he turned 18. After his 18th birthday he moved back home to find out his mother had passed away from an illness. After that he moved in with the Synod to study restoration and alteration magic. When he turned 23, he saw a the note about the scholars guild, he payed for his and a new friend's passage to the ship that would take them to the island. After the boat landed he was called for a job for the Synod he would be gone for around a month. When he returned Aerin was glad to see his friends again, but he was called for another job shortly later. He then quit the Synod and became a mercenary to raise the septims needed to buy a boat to get back to the island. He has recently returned to the island.