Fadril Tistar is an Almalexia born Dunmer of Telvanni Heritage. She was born in 4E 147, making her sixty years old. She was named for her Grandmother, Fadril Maryon, wife of Ilyene Maryon.Fadril has a thin face, accented by the large fiery eyes characteristic to her people. She is about 5'6" and weighs approximately 130lbs. Her hair is long, and a shade of brown so dark is almost black. She has lived a poor life (monetarily) and her clothes are simple black robes, tattered by years of travel. She carries a long Chitin dagger, an heirloom of her family.


Fadril's main area of study is mysticism, more specifically focusing on the alternate uses of soul gems, rather than the souls themselves. She also rather extensively studies the dwemer, although that pursuit has been far less 'profitable' than the former. She enjoys many physical pursuits as well, focusing mainly on the combat with her dagger, made in the style of the ashlanders.


Before coming to SunlockEdit

Fadril was born in Almalexia. Her parents moved to the waterfront of the Imperial City when she was but a small child, and she has never forgiven them for removing her from her Culture. She loves studying all aspects of the Aurbis, but her main income was as a dock worker. She worked on the waterfront for forty years, before recently deciding to seek a new life. She met a member of the scholar's guild while working at the docks, and took the next ship to sunlock, spending the last of her funds for passage.

Recent EventsEdit

After being denied official entrance into the guild, Fadril elected to share her Telvanni history with Jo'Hazaz-ri.