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Gah-Okan is a male Argonian. He was born on the 23rd of Evening Star, 4E170 in Blackrose. Once a bodyguard for the Argonian King, Gah-Okan was strong, brave, and loved. One day, he had decided to take a trip to the vast deserts of Elsweyr. On his trip, he was lost in the desert. With no food or water to keep him going, he eventually passed out. He woke up being cared for and treated by Jo'rak, who had rescued him from the harsh sands of Elsweyr.Gah-Okan had made his closest friend right there in Elsweyr. It didn't seem like a big deal, he would return home like normal and keep contact with his new colleague. But, Gah-Okan was never the same after that event. Something happened that made him... different. When he returned home, he was stripped of his bodyguard duties, as he was considered to have "lost his mind". Now poor and without honor, Gah-Okan turned to a life of crime. Selling moon sugar and skooma, stealing, and in one case, attempted murder, when he tried to kill the bartender when he wouldn't give Gah-Okan another drink. Gah-Okan has been "to Oblivion and back", as they say. and has joined the Tamriel Guild of Scholars to help redeem himself, and to continue his once abandoned study of magic.

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