Hjeli Snow-Blooded, born 4E 183, is a Skaal villager, currently residing on the island of Sunlock in the Topal Bay, where she studies various forms of medicine.

Early lifeEdit

Hjeli Snow-Blooded
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Nord (Skaal)




4E 183



Hjeli Snow-Blooded was born on the 24th of Evening Star, to parents Mette and Alarik. Hjeli never met her father, who had died during Mette’s pregnancy, but she was very close with her mother. Mette spent the next few years juggling the equally demanding tasks of raising a child and putting food on their plates in one of the harshest environments in Tamriel. When Hjeli was about seven years old, Mette started teaching her what she knew of alchemy (not an inconsiderable amount). When Mette went out hunting, Hjeli would practice. When Mette returned, the two of them would go over what Hjeli had learned. This continued until Hjeli was eleven years old. One day, Mette didn’t return. Hjeli didn’t think much of it until it started getting late, and Mette had still not returned. Out of concern, she went into the village to see if anyone else had seen her mother. It wasn’t until she saw a couple of hunters returning to the village that she had learned what had happened.

Mette had fallen through a thin layer of ice while hunting horker with a group of hunters from the village at Lake Fjalding. At the request of other villagers, Hjeli hesitantly agreed to remain inside while Mette’s body was removed from the lake. Mette didn’t have much in the way of personal possessions, but she did have a bow which was handed down to Hjeli after her death. The bow itself wasn’t a good bow at any standards, and Hjeli wasn’t good at using it either, but it still had sentimental value to her. Even so, it was a few years before she was old enough to use the bow. That didn’t stop her from taking it with her whenever she felt the need to be alone, and spend time outside of the village, which was not an uncommon occurance in the years that followed Mette's death.Edit