Hladas Selethril
Hladas in his former Velothi tower in Morrowind









Schools of magic

Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration, Mysticism

Hladas Selethril is an old Dunmer sorcerer from Morrowind. His origins are unknown among the scholars at the guild, though he has mentioned he used to live in Alendu Tower, in the Kragenmoor region of Morrowind, in the foothills of the Velothi mountains.[1]

The reason for his relocation to the scholars' island is unknown, though it is implied he left in a hurry, through matters beyond his control.[2]

The Dunmer is notoriously intolerant of beast races, often holding fellow Argonian, Khajiit and Orcish scholars in low regard. In spite of this, he is tolerated by other scholars because of his incredible experience and scholarly aptitude, and because of the guild's stance on allowing its members to speak their minds freely.


From appearances, it is clear that Hladas is an aged Dunmer, and from what he has said, he is at least several hundred years old, if not older.[2]

During his time, he has been known to live in various parts of Tamriel, including the western reaches of Morrowind, in Alendu Tower, Kragenmoor district,[1] and the Iliac Bay region of High Rock, namely the lands surrounding the Direnni Tower on the Isle of Balfiera.[3] He moved to the island that houses the Guild of Scholars on the 1st of Hearthfire, 4E 202.[2]

Not much else is currently known about the old Dunmer's past.

Magic and teachingEdit

Hladas is a skilled conjurer and illusionist, and has a strong aptitude for alteration and mysticism.[2] He has been known to hold lectures in the guild on various schools of magic, most recently on alteration magic and its uses, where he talked about the book Reality and Other Falsehoodsand the careful distinction between the schools of alteration and illusion.[4]

The Dunmer has been known to experiment with conjuration late into the night, often for rather bizarre reasons.

Hladas occasionally tutors fellow scholars individually, and has taken the young Telvanni Veros as an apprentice at the guild.[5]


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