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Jo'rajja is a Khajiiti illusionist and a member of the Scholars guild.


Early lifeEdit

Jo'rajja was born in the city of Torval, Elsweyr. He was born under the waning phases of both Secunda and Masser, making him a Dagi-raht Khajiit, and like all Dagi and Dagi-raht he was trained in the arts of stealth and magic, picking up both the Illusion and alteration schools.

The Smiling Scum.Edit

Born right at the time of their rule, Jo'rajja hated the Thalmor, so he left Torval at the age of eighteen, moving to the Imperial city of Leyawiin. It is there he learned of an outlet for his hate: the Renrijra Krin, a Khajiit orginzation whose purpose was to retake areas of Cyrodiil that should rightly belong to the Khajiit. They didn't believe what the Dominion spoke about the Void Nights and wanted to rid Elswyr of them as much as they wanted to rid Leyawiin of the Imperials. It was these missions Jo'Rajja undertook, using his Illusion training to cloak strike teams at night or send Thalmor guards against their own mer.

Court MageEdit

Jo'Rajja eventually relized the Renrijra Krin efforts were usless, and that the Dominion could not be stopped by a pack of thieves. He left their organization and returned to Leyawiin, as he had with nothing to do. There he met and brefriended the son of the current count who happened to need a new court mage, and after hearing of Jo'Rajja's feats of magic, the count thought he was right for the job.

During his tenure as court mage, Jo'Rajja mastered the Illusion school of magic and picked up more on other schools such as restoration and alteration. He was well respected around the city as court mage and held the position for many years until an event involving him, the count's daughter, and a bottle of skooma got him banished from Leyawiin for good.

Finding the GuildEdit

During the period following his banishment, Jo'Rajja wandered around Cyrodiil and Skyrim for a short period of time. He was at the temple of kynareth in skyrim working to cure his skooma addiction when he heard about Theodane Barnsmith's invitation.


Jo'rajjas skills include:

  • Master illusion
  • Adept alteration
  • Apprentice restoration
  • unarmed fighting
  • stealth