Thrassan is a Bosmer from Woodhearth, Valenwood. He is an Expert Marksman and a Master Alchemist. He enjoys hunting and exploring the woods when he isn't brewing. Thrassan currently resides in his unfinished treehouse a short distance away from the Scholars Guild hall on their Island.


Thrassan was born in Woodhearth under the sign of the Lover. His father was an Alchemist with his own shop and Thrassans mother hunted the woods surronding the city. Thrassan learned both of his parents trades when he was young. When he came of age he took over his fathers shop.

Thrassan met all sorts of people coming through his shop, which he named "". A suprising number of people came and went. Most of them were Bosmer and Altmer, but others were't uncommon. Being a shopkeeper he learned almost as much of the world as the local barkeep.

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